Most printing companies don’t have a dedicated HR professional. The person responsible for HR is usually wearing many “hats”, and is often overwhelmed by the plethora of laws and regulations, maintaining personnel policies, writing job descriptions, and managing complex benefit programs, not to mention dealing with complicated employee problems.

Let us help you wear that HR hat.

  • HR listserv connects you to other HR professionals. 
  • Online Recruitment Platform to help you find qualified employees.
  • Annual Wage & Benefit survey.
  • Discounted placement services through Semper.
  • Seminars and webinars for HR professionals – check out our calendar.
  • Model job descriptions and appraisal forms.
  • Labor Hotline and Issues Counseling
  • Effective Hiring and Termination Practices
  • Union Employers Assistance
  • Staff Support from HR professionals
  • And Much More!

PINE partner Employers Association of the Northeast (EANE) is comprised of Human Resource experts who deliver a full range of cutting edge resources and services that guide you to support, train and retain your workforce and ultimately help your organization succeed.  They can minimize employer liability through management and human resource advise.  They are committed to help PINE members the information you need to stay compliant, reduce your risk and create a productive and engaged workforce.

Great Benefits include:

  • Employer Hotline   877-662-6444
  • HR Snapshot Tool
  • Free HR Webinars
  • Free Salary Benchmarks
  • Free Library of Forms & Policies

For more information visit Employers Association of the Northeast (EANE)  or contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152,

HR Listserv

PINE is pleased to announce, an online community of printing industry staff with Human Resource responsibilities within their organizations. Participants include Human Resource managers, CFOs, owners, and any others who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences as well as learning from like-minded and similarly experienced people from across the country. is being co-sponsored and administered by Printing Industries Alliance, a member of the regional Print Affiliate network. This network is your company’s connection to the local, regional, and national printing community.

There is no cost to participate for PINE members and participants are invited to ask questions and share knowledge about any and all topics relevant to today’s Human Resource function within our industry.

Professional List Moderation postings and topic discussions are being reviewed by experienced Human Resource and Employment Law professionals Nick Fiorenza and Mike Dodd. Nick and Mike are Partners at the Ferrara Fiorenza Law Firm and collectively, the moderators have over 60 years of experience in all facets of labor and employment law within our industry.

The Next Step

If you are a PINE member and would like to enroll, please contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152 or