Most printing companies don’t have a dedicated HR professional. The person responsible for HR is usually wearing many “hats”, and is often overwhelmed by the plethora of laws and regulations, maintaining personnel policies, writing job descriptions, and managing complex benefit programs, not to mention dealing with complicated employee problems.

Let us help you wear that HR hat.

  • National HR listserv connects you to other HR professionals.
  • Online Recruitment Platform to help you find qualified employees.
  • Annual Wage & Benefit survey.
  • Discounted placement services through Semper.
  • Seminars and webinars for HR professionals – check out our calendar.
  • Model job descriptions and appraisal forms.
  • Labor Hotline and Issues Counseling
  • Effective Hiring and Termination Practices
  • Union Employers Assistance
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Staff Support from HR professionals
  • National HR Resources
  • And Much More!