It’s virtually impossible for one person to keep up with the endless flow of changes that continually reshape graphic communications. Small business owners – who still dominate the print service provider landscape – are often involved in all three critical functions of their business: sales, finance and production. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall behind the larger commercial operations, who have senior executives leading sales, finance and production.

Many of PINE’s largest member companies turn to us for information and guidance throughout the year. Membership in PINE gives owners and top managers an array of industry-leading resources to assist them and their employees. We provide valuable support for key employees in each department at your company. You can consider the staff at PINE an extension of your staff. If you would like a personal consultation on how PINE can help with the strategic direction of your company, contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152,

Numerous savings programs

PINE has negotiated discounts on the products and services you use every day. Save on everything from shoes, eyewear, shipping and, credit processing, to FSC certification and more. See our savings program page for more information.

  • Apple
  • BB Direct
  • Caliper
  • Basys and CardConnect – credit card processing
  • Clean Uniforms & More – discount wiping towel program
  • Constellation – electricity provider
  • – budgeted hourly rates (BHR) software
  • Experian Credit Reports
  • FedEx
  • Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Discounts
  • Industrial Protection Products – occupational footwear and eyewear
  • IPA – group buying program for members with revenue under $5M
  • SaviorLabs – technology support services
  • Government Printing Sales – bid solicitation services
  • KirkpatrickPrice – audit services and compliance assessments
  • MailersHub
  • National Auditing Services Consulting – utility expenditures audits
  • Konica Minolta
  • Point2Point Global
  • Printers 401k
  • Semper International
  • Staples
  • UPS
  • Employers Choice
  • ASI

Members ask a Member Listserv

Have a question you need answered? Ask your fellow PINE members – anonymously. It is likely you will receive many different answers to solve your challenge. This service is completely anonymous and free to members. All questions and their answers are posted in our Members-only section.

In addition to our general questions listserv we have the following specialty subject lists:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Safety

contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152,

Benchmarking Tools

Performance Ratios – improved to help your business. PINE’s financial benchmarking tool for the printing industry now includes data manipulation and financial modeling features.

PINE’s Annual Wage and Benefit Survey furnishes key information about wages, policies, and benefits specifically about our industry and region.

Disaster Recovery/Mutual Assistance

Fortunately printers do not often experience a disaster which interrupts their business operations, but occasionally it happens. You can buy insurance to cover the cost of the damage and to recover the cost of additional business expenses, but members still have to serve their customers. If you don’t meet your customers’ needs quickly, everything else becomes unimportant. PINE’s network of members has elected to participate in the Mutual Assistance Plan to help their fellow members when disaster hits. Click here for more information.

In conjunction with the Mutual Assistance Plan we have developed a Disaster Recovery Guide to assist members in developing a Disaster Recovery Plan. It can be downloaded here (member login required).

Peer Groups for Members

Running a business isn’t easy, but you are not alone. Studies have shown that CEOs and presidents who participate in a peer group lead the industry in profits. Through your membership in PINE, you have access to two nationwide peer groups.

Contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152,

24/7 Credit Reports from Experian

Experian’s, covering more than 27 million U.S. companies, provides business credit reporting services directly to members 24/7. Members receive discounted rates on Experian’s Credit Score reports (formally Intelliscore) and premium Business Profile Plus reports (formally BPR Intelliscore Plus).

Credit Score Report (Formerly Intelliscore)
Experian’s standard summary report which gives a credit score ranging from 1 to 100.

Business Profile Report Plus (Formerly BPR Intelliscore Plus)
Experian’s comprehensive report, which includes the credit score with trade payment details.

Visit PINE’s portal to purchase your reports. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create an account to purchase reports.

Credit & Collection Services

In partnership with the Printing Industry Credit Bureau (PICB) we provide a range of credit and collection services for members, including:

  • Collection Services
  • Riskee Business, PICB’s free web-based tool, provides members unlimited access to their extensive database of collections cases.
  • √Check It Company; You Check It, a FREE and easy to use web portal to government sponsored web-sites that provide real-time, for use in determining a customer’s viability and stability.
  • Credit Risk Assessment Reports: We Check It Reports are compiled in ‘real-time’ using hands-on, extensive research while using 21st century tools and public records as the basis for findings.
  • Credit and Collection Consultations

Click here for more information.

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification

Regional Affiliate Certificate Group (RACG) RACG provides FSC® Chain of Custody Certification for Graphic Communications companies with wood products sales of up to $100 million. Over 200 RACG participants nationwide currently enjoy reduced certification costs, expert assistance with their certification process, and ongoing, responsive support whenever needed. Visit for more information.

M&A, Business Valuation Services

New Direction Partners is PINE’s endorsed M&A partner. They offer complete merger and acquisition and business valuation services and consulting for the printing and packaging industries. Learn more at