Keeping your production department – prepress, press, bindery, and shipping – running efficiently is vital to improving your bottom line. Membership in PINE will provide you with the local and national resources you need to make that happen.


Technical Hotline – quick answers to your tough questions. This free telephone consulting service has given countless members immediate help for technical and/or production problems.

Annual Technical Trends Forecast in PIA’s Magazine to help you anticipate trends equipment and processes

Environmental & Regulatory assistance including Plant Layout & Design, Compliance Remediation, Permit Application Process Support, Permit Reporting Support, Hazardous Materials Handling and more

Lab services to troubleshoot a specific problem. Quality control devices including press test forms, color bars, process control targets, and many others.

Group Buying Discounts on Apple products, Shop Towels & Uniforms and FedEx and UPS Shipping Services

Local and national employee training via seminars, webinars, and conferences

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