Succession Planning:
Why You Should Consider an ESOP


At Graphic Visual Solutions (Graphic), employee ownership is not just about fulfilling an ideal of being a “socially responsible” business; we strongly feel it also provides practical payoffs for our company and our clients. Studies have shown that employees who see their enterprise’s success as directly tied to their own (and vice-versa) take greater responsibility for quality, results and innovation. The benefits in partnering with an employee-owned company include:

Increased value to our clients

Every employee-owner at Graphic has a very personal interest in going above and beyond for our clients to provide additional value. The employee-owners of Graphic know that what’s best for both our company and our client’s business is also best for them.

Long-term stability and reliability

There’s more stability at an employee-owned company which will allow us to carry our values, legacy and sustainability forward for many years to come. Furthermore, we focus on doing what is right today — as well as for years to come — rather than what is expedient or trendy.

Employees who think and act as owners

Our people are our company’s greatest asset. Their talent, commitment and passion as employee-owners drive decisions that are more intentional and focused on the overall success of our clients.

A commitment to community

We’re not going anywhere. Our employee-owners have deep roots in our community and a long-term commitment to living and working here. We also embrace giving back to our community to make it a stronger and better place for all of us.

Ultimately, we believe the direct effect of our employee ownership is providing exceptional products, competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and a superior level of customer service because each and every one of us benefits from creating unwavering customer satisfaction.

Bryan will present Fireside Chat: My Personal Journey In Succession Planning & Why You Should Consider An ESOP at PMC this October.

Bryan T. Hall

Bryan T. Hall

Bryan T. Hall is President and CEO of Graphic Visual Solutions, based in Greensboro, NC as well as the 2018 Chairman of the Board for Printing Industries of America. He founded Graphic with his father in 1985 (after growing up in his father’s printing business) simply as a means to pay for his college tuition. From its humble beginnings, the company has steadily grown to sales of over $20 million with 100 employees. Since its inception, Graphic (as the company commonly refers to itself) has undertaken nine building expansions, 12 major equipment expansions, integrated two key business acquisitions and invested over $45 million to create one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art printing, packaging, and imaging facilities in the Southeast. In 1994, American Printer recognized Graphic as the #1 Fastest Growing Printer in the U.S. In 1996, Bryan was North Carolina’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year and a finalist in the national competition. He has been recognized locally as a Triad Mover and Shaker, Business Ethics Award winner, and Business Leader of the Year and just this year was recognized among the most admired CEO’s in his community by the Business Journal. As part of long-term succession planning for Graphic and personal retirement planning, Bryan and his wife Wendy explored many viable options. During the process they stumbled upon ESOPs – Employee Stock Ownership Plan (which they knew nothing about). After learning more, they quickly realized an ESOP was the perfect fit and closed the transaction in August of last year.

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