Refunds on past utility expenditures

and/or future savings in utility costs.

NASC – National Auditing Services Consulting has a proven 28-year track record of reviewing company historical utility charges and confirming appropriate pricing and/or has been able to identify previous utility billing errors/overcharges and has recouped companies substantial amounts of money.

The success rate of procuring refunds in the printing industry is greater than 75%!

NASC worked with PINE member, Elite Envelope and received a sizable historical credit (refund) on its gas and electricity accounts. According to Elite’s president and PINE board member, David Theriault, “NASC engaged proprietary processes to achieve the result of correcting errors causing overcharges and will lower our future expenses by more than 7% each month going forward! Since NASC works on a contingency basis for a percentage of the historical refunds only, the future savings are ours to keep. Best of all, as promised, it truly was not a project; it required effort by my team that could literally be measured in minutes. The savings more than covered our entire year dues for PINE.”

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