With OSHA inspections on the rise, it’s more important than ever to comply with regional, state and federal regulations to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

PINE provides technical and regulatory expertise on environmental and safety issues to members who do not have those capabilities on staff.

PINE also assists safety managers, safety committees and staff at member firms on a variety of topics ranging from air emissions permitting, permit renewals, mandatory testing, hazardous waste handling and disposal, safety training and more.

PINE works closely with state environmental departments and federal agencies such as OSHA to minimize and eliminate workplace hazards.

In the event of an investigatory action from a governmental agency, PINE assists members in on-site remedial efforts, as well as negotiations or follow up to any sanction or fine that has been levied.

As the regional industry’s expert authority on the impact of environmental regulations on print manufacturing, PINE is often invited by various agencies to participate in the rulemaking process. PINE offers input that maintains environmental and safety standards while also ensuring that printers have operational flexibility that encourages business growth.

Value to Members

  • Safety audits that identify potential problems
  • Simplification of environmental rules and regulations
  • Regular updates of regulatory changes
  • Job hazard analysis assistance and remediation
  • Technical guidance on hazardous waste management
  • Air permit management/emissions calculations help
  • Member advocacy at regulatory and enforcement agencies
  • Employee Safety Training
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • On-Site and Telephone Consulting

Contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152, chagopian04@pine.org, for assistance.

Printer Towels and Uniforms

Clean Rentals & More is a family-owned, PINE partner that supports the industry and our members through competitive pricing and  environmentally sensitive service. Clean Rentals & More provides wiping towels, uniforms and apparel, floor mats and sorbents. Member’s towels are laundered in an environmentally-sound manner.

Program Benefits

  • Environmentally sound processes.
  • Locally cleaned towels. Towels are cleaned at their state-of-the-art laundry facility in New Bedford, MA. Transportation costs are lower, keeping towel pricing competitive.
  • Accurate towel counts. Instead of weighing towel drums, towels are hand-counted, ensuring accurate usage and accounting.
  • Bar-code tracking of uniforms. Clean Uniforms and More! developed their own proprietary bar-code tracking system ensuring no garments are lost.

Contact Clean Uniforms and More! President Mark Bodzioch at 508-996-3333 for additional information.

Green Guide for Graphic Communications

The Green Guide for Graphic Communications provides a step-by-step approach to evaluating and marketing your sustainability profile. If you’re new to sustainability, The Green Guide for Graphic Communications is a great “how-to” guide for putting your best green foot forward in your market. If you’ve been on the green scene for a while, you can dive in at any chapter to pick up some fresh insights or hone your marketing skills.

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OSHA and The Printing Industry

Virtually every commercial lithographic printer in the United States, regardless of size, is required to comply with OSHA standards. The first step in a compliance program is to understand which specific requirements apply. A printing company must evaluate their facility operations in order to determine their compliance status.

Contact Christine Hagopian at 508-804-4152, chagopian04@pine.org for additional assistance.

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SGP Certification

Founded in 2008, the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is an independent, non-profit organization providing a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry. SGP is the industry standard for the certification and continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within print manufacturing operations.

For more information about applying to the SGP Partnership program, visit www.sgppartnership.org.

Discounted, Fixed Price FSC® Certification

PINE led the way in creating the Regional Affiliate Certificate Group, (RACG), which provides FSC® Chain of Custody Certification for Graphic Communications companies with wood products sales of up to $100 million. Over 200 RACG participants currently enjoy reduced certification costs, expert assistance with their certification process, and ongoing, responsive support whenever needed.

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