Save thousands of dollars a year

on paper, ink, prepress supplies, pressroom supplies, and shipping

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce an exciting new group buying program for companies with revenues under $5 million a year. The program will capitalize on the combined purchasing power of printers all across North America to realize discounts and rebates on major purchases including paper, ink, prepress supplies, pressroom supplies, and shipping. A printer must be a member in good standing with Printing Industries of America to qualify for this exclusive program.

The program is offered through Independent Printers Alliance (IPA), a division of Independent Printers Worldwide, Inc. (IPW), a national procurement group specializing in superior vendor programs for independent printers.

How the IPA partnership works for you

  • Combined IPA member purchase volume is established
  • IPA negotiates national vendor contracts
  • IPA members work directly with IPA vendors
  • IPA vendors send quarterly data and rebates to IPA
  • IPA compiles and sends data along with rebates earned directly to the IPA member

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