Fire Safety reminders

Workplace fires break out every day in the United States, and that should put fire safety at the top of any manager’s list. Keep in mind these keys to protecting workers from the dangers of fire:

  • Train your workforce. Regardless of their job descriptions, all employees should understand likely fire hazards, how to prevent fires, and how to respond if a fire occurs.
  • Survey your employees. Once you’ve discussed potential hazards, do something about them. Clean up, lock up, pick up-do whatever is required to minimize the risk.
  • Safeguard hazardous materials. Be sure to store flammable materials like cleaning supplies in a safe, well-ventilated area far removed from any possible sources of ignition.
  • Plan for emergencies. Most organizations have evacuation plans, but plans aren’t much good if they’re not put into practice. Conduct regular fire drills. Be sure to include a rundown of your evacuation plan in your new-employee orientation.

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