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Clean Rentals & More is a valued family owned, PINE endorsed partner that supports the industry and our members through competitive pricing and top notch, environmentally sensitive service. Clean Rentals & More provides wiping towels, uniforms and apparel, floor mats and sorbents. Members experience a high level of customer service, receive quality woven towels, and receive a high level of customer commitment from the management of Clean Rentals. Additionally, towels are laundered in an environmentally-sound manner.

Program Benefits

  • Environmentally sound processes.
  • Locally cleaned towels. Towels are cleaned at their state-of-the-art laundry facility in New Bedford, MA. Transportation costs are lower keeping towel pricing competitive.
  • Accurate towel counts. Instead of weighing towel drums, towels are hand-counted ensuring accurate usage and accounting.
  • Bar Code Tracking of Uniforms. Clean Uniforms and More! developed their own proprietary bar-code tracking system ensuring no garments are lost.
  • Oversight by PINE

Contact Clean Uniforms and More! President Mark Bodzioch at 508-996-3333 for additional information.

We all know print towels are an expense all printers have to deal with. Springfield Printing used the same vendor for several years and as time went on the cost kept climbing and the service declined also the quality of the towels declined.

We reached out to PINE for a recommendation and they provided us with the vendor information for Clean Uniforms out of New Bedford Ma.

One quick phone call and a visit was set up followed by a quote, reviewed and a schedule set for the vendor change.

Thanks to the help from PINE in a short period of time we had a new Shop towel vendor with a 20% reduction in cost and much better service with less headaches and an improved quality shop towel.

Jim Norman


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