Membership Census Form


PINE has begun the process of establishing the FY2024 Operating Budget.  In accordance with our Bylaws, we are requesting your Annualized Printing Sales Volume and Full Time Equivalents (FTE’S) to aid us in this process.

All Information is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

We would appreciate it if you could please complete the below form by July 12th to avoid further staff follow-up.  Your return of this information allows us to avoid errors in assessing your dues investment and assists the finance committee in developing an accurate budget for the coming year.

The submitted information can be based on the 12 months ending May 31, 2024, or your current annualized sales.  Please report full time employees as full time equivalents. (2-20hr/wk employees equal 1 full time equivalent).  Do not report sales or employees that are not related to our industry.

Please complete the form below:


Bill Moody

PINE Controller