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Over 130 Years of Association Leadership in the Printing Industry

PINE Membership is more like a Partnership! We are your local contact offering regional and national resources.

Membership provides you the programs, resources and network to become and to achieve more than you can do alone.

PINE is your business resource, teacher, advocate, and friend – a true extension of your business. Learn how PINE may save you the cost of your dues and work for you to help grow your business.

LATEST NEWS — Covering topics important to our members and the profession.

Kodak Launches Rebate Program

Kodak Launches Rebate Program With Collaborative of Print Affiliates Kodak has announced an exclusive rebate program in partnership with the regional Print Affiliates. The program will provide members of the affiliates, including PINE – [...]

Sales Vault of Bill Farquharson

PINE Members Exclusive Opportunity to Access the Sales Vault of Bill Farquharson The Sales Vault is a resource for sales people and selling owners featuring: Live online courses on sales-specific topics, such as: Time [...]

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