Profitability: The Dynamic Ratios Calculator

Profitability continues to be the biggest challenge impacting companies in the printing industry. Forget about sales. Great sales just make your company an attractive target for acquisition if your probability isn’t large enough to purchase new equipment, to attract the best talent, or to make the changes necessary to compete in the marketplace.

The new Dynamic Ratios Calculator will provide you with a resource that will help you quickly understand how your company is performing financially. The Dynamic Ratios Calculator allows you to compare yourself versus others based on information you provide. All you need is four numbers – annual sales, income before taxes, number of full-time equivalent employees and your annual substrate costs – and you will quickly understand whether you are a market leader, market challenger or market laggard.

The formulas are all based on information derived from Printing Industries of America annual Dynamic Ratios Study and have been widely accepted as key indicators regardless of what type of process you use or type of product you manufacture. Whether you are a printer, finisher, bindery, packager, tag/label manufacturer or converter, the Dynamic Ratio Calculator is for you.

What if you aren’t a market leader? Participate in the PIA’s Financial Performance Assessment ( It is a great way for you to taker a deeper dive into how you can become more profitable.
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